Disclaimer: profiles with Iridium (Positioning System GPS) plot only 200 points max.

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Link to GDAC dataDacParametersLink to profile pageDate reportedCycle numberPositioning systemLatLonCore Data modeNum. of meas.
1902292_74 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_74 page2023-01-24 05:1074GPS55.924 S39.532 ER1009
1902292_73 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_73 page2023-01-14 08:1373GPS55.909 S38.337 ER1008
1902292_72 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_72 page2023-01-04 11:0472GPS56.134 S38.171 ER1012
1902292_71 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_71 page2022-12-25 13:4371GPS56.654 S37.218 ER1008
1902292_70 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_70 page2022-12-15 16:3170GPS57.198 S37.118 ER1008
1902292_69 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_69 page2022-12-05 19:2469GPS57.440 S35.790 ER1010
1902292_68 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_68 page2022-11-25 21:5768GPS57.392 S34.889 ER1008
1902292_67 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_67 page2022-11-16 00:4067GPS56.943 S34.825 ER1008
1902292_66 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_66 page2022-11-06 03:2266GPS56.526 S33.853 ER1006
1902292_65 dataaoml psal, pres, temp1902292_65 page2022-10-27 06:1365GPS56.272 S33.386 ER1011
1902292_64 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_64 page2022-10-17 08:5064GPS55.651 S32.631 ER1013
1902292_63 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_63 page2022-10-07 11:4163GPS55.249 S33.153 ER1012
1902292_62 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_62 page2022-09-27 14:1662GPS54.736 S31.141 ER1008
1902292_61 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_61 page2022-09-17 17:0961GPS54.108 S30.412 ER1011
1902292_60 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_60 page2022-09-07 19:5160GPS53.728 S30.237 ER1008
1902292_59 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_59 page2022-08-28 22:5059GPS53.481 S30.690 ER1008
1902292_58 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_58 page2022-08-19 01:5558GPS53.903 S31.936 ER1015
1902292_57 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_57 page2022-08-09 04:4157GPS53.676 S32.114 ER1008
1902292_56 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_56 page2022-07-30 07:3456GPS53.107 S32.023 ER1007
1902292_55 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_55 page2022-07-20 10:2955GPS53.921 S29.570 ER1007
1902292_54 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_54 page2022-07-10 13:1354GPS54.038 S29.415 ER1008
1902292_53 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_53 page2022-06-30 15:5753GPS53.492 S30.146 ER1008
1902292_52 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_52 page2022-06-20 18:5452GPS53.568 S28.262 ER1008
1902292_51 dataaoml psal, pres, temp1902292_51 page2022-06-10 21:4351GPS54.084 S28.916 ER1010
1902292_50 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_50 page2022-06-01 00:3350GPS54.256 S28.346 ER1009
1902292_49 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_49 page2022-05-22 03:2949GPS54.591 S28.121 ER1008
1902292_48 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_48 page2022-05-12 06:1748GPS54.337 S26.323 ER1007
1902292_47 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_47 page2022-05-02 09:0647GPS53.567 S25.706 ER1009
1902292_46 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_46 page2022-04-22 11:5246GPS53.415 S25.520 ER1012
1902292_45 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_45 page2022-04-12 14:2645GPS53.628 S24.909 ER1010
1902292_44 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_44 page2022-04-02 17:1144GPS53.873 S24.450 ER1013
1902292_43 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_43 page2022-03-23 20:0643GPS54.260 S23.558 ER1010
1902292_42 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_42 page2022-03-13 22:4642GPS53.920 S22.954 ER1010
1902292_41 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_41 page2022-03-04 01:3841GPS53.711 S22.698 ER1008
1902292_40 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_40 page2022-02-22 04:2240GPS53.739 S22.262 ER1009
1902292_39 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_39 page2022-02-12 07:1639GPS53.928 S22.673 ER1008
1902292_38 dataaoml psal, pres, temp1902292_38 page2022-02-02 09:5038GPS54.021 S22.806 ER1012
1902292_37 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_37 page2022-01-23 12:2437GPS54.310 S22.426 ER1008
1902292_36 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_36 page2022-01-13 15:0536GPS54.630 S21.583 ER1008
1902292_35 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_35 page2022-01-03 17:5335GPS54.864 S20.503 ER1011
1902292_34 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_34 page2021-12-24 20:3134GPS54.912 S19.542 ER1013
1902292_33 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_33 page2021-12-14 22:5433GPS54.484 S19.619 ER1014
1902292_32 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_32 page2021-12-05 01:3132GPS54.136 S19.378 ER1012
1902292_31 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_31 page2021-11-25 04:0831GPS53.618 S19.077 ER1009
1902292_30 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_30 page2021-11-15 06:5630GPS53.343 S18.242 ER1009
1902292_29 dataaoml psal, pres, temp1902292_29 page2021-11-05 09:3029GPS52.985 S17.408 ER1011
1902292_28 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_28 page2021-10-26 12:0928GPS52.889 S16.037 ER1012
1902292_27 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_27 page2021-10-16 14:4027GPS53.189 S14.943 ER1009
1902292_26 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_26 page2021-10-06 17:1326GPS53.351 S13.650 ER1008
1902292_25 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_25 page2021-09-26 20:1925GPS89.000 S0.000 WR997
1902292_24 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_24 page2021-09-16 23:2724GPS54.769 S9.458 ER995
1902292_23 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_23 page2021-09-07 02:3123GPS54.769 S9.458 ER1001
1902292_22 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_22 page2021-08-28 05:2922GPS54.769 S9.458 ER995
1902292_21 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_21 page2021-08-18 08:3521GPS54.769 S9.458 ER1012
1902292_20 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_20 page2021-08-08 11:0320GPS55.193 S8.084 ER1012
1902292_19 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_19 page2021-07-29 13:2119GPS55.195 S7.545 ER1008
1902292_18 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_18 page2021-07-19 15:4718GPS55.249 S7.456 ER1011
1902292_17 dataaoml temp, pres, psal1902292_17 page2021-07-09 18:2417GPS55.217 S7.085 ER1011
1902292_16 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_16 page2021-06-29 21:0516GPS55.094 S7.151 ER1009
1902292_15 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_15 page2021-06-19 23:4615GPS55.078 S7.701 ER1013
1902292_14 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_14 page2021-06-10 02:3114GPS55.792 S6.293 ER1015
1902292_13 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_13 page2021-05-31 05:3913GPS56.970 S3.970 ER1009
1902292_12 dataaoml temp, psal, pres1902292_12 page2021-05-21 08:2512GPS56.430 S3.109 ER1009
1902292_11 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_11 page2021-05-11 11:1611GPS56.188 S3.813 ER1010
1902292_10 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_10 page2021-05-01 14:0310GPS56.875 S3.355 ER1008
1902292_9 dataaoml psal, pres, temp1902292_9 page2021-04-21 16:469GPS56.956 S2.323 ER1009
1902292_8 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_8 page2021-04-11 19:348GPS55.978 S1.680 ER1012
1902292_7 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_7 page2021-04-01 22:017GPS55.417 S0.556 ER1009
1902292_6 dataaoml psal, pres, temp1902292_6 page2021-03-23 00:546GPS56.037 S0.351 ER1008
1902292_5 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_5 page2021-03-13 03:415GPS56.097 S0.578 ER1009
1902292_4 dataaoml psal, temp, pres1902292_4 page2021-03-03 06:254GPS55.918 S0.317 ER760
1902292_3 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_3 page2021-03-01 20:103GPS55.913 S0.204 ER760
1902292_2 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_2 page2021-02-28 09:512GPS55.935 S0.093 ER760
1902292_1 dataaoml pres, temp, psal1902292_1 page2021-02-26 23:411GPS55.982 S0.021 ER540
1902292_0 dataaoml pres, psal, temp1902292_0 page2021-02-26 13:250GPS55.996 S0.000 WR73