Disclaimer: profiles with Iridium (Positioning System GPS) plot only 200 points max.

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Link to GDAC dataDacParametersPositioning systemLatLonLink to profile pageDate reportedCycle numberCore Data modeNum. of meas.
4903220_141 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS26.749 N41.392 W 4903220_141 page2022-11-27 13:31141R1010
4903220_140 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS26.980 N41.488 W 4903220_140 page2022-11-17 16:04140R1008
4903220_139 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.205 N41.431 W 4903220_139 page2022-11-07 18:50139R1011
4903220_138 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS27.380 N41.208 W 4903220_138 page2022-10-28 21:15138R1009
4903220_137 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS27.563 N40.954 W 4903220_137 page2022-10-18 23:41137R1009
4903220_136 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.776 N40.626 W 4903220_136 page2022-10-09 02:10136R1010
4903220_135 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS27.900 N40.287 W 4903220_135 page2022-09-29 04:46135R1009
4903220_134 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS28.041 N39.988 W 4903220_134 page2022-09-19 07:22134R1010
4903220_133 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.187 N39.800 W 4903220_133 page2022-09-09 09:52133R1008
4903220_132 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.319 N39.715 W 4903220_132 page2022-08-30 12:22132R1010
4903220_131 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.441 N39.792 W 4903220_131 page2022-08-20 14:44131R1007
4903220_130 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS28.446 N40.064 W 4903220_130 page2022-08-10 17:18130R1010
4903220_129 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS28.277 N40.679 W 4903220_129 page2022-07-31 19:46129R1013
4903220_128 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS28.237 N41.127 W 4903220_128 page2022-07-21 22:23128R1010
4903220_127 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS28.550 N41.356 W 4903220_127 page2022-07-12 01:06127R1010
4903220_126 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS29.156 N41.672 W 4903220_126 page2022-07-02 03:51126R1007
4903220_125 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS29.209 N42.115 W 4903220_125 page2022-06-22 06:08125R1007
4903220_124 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS29.052 N42.207 W 4903220_124 page2022-06-12 08:39124R1008
4903220_123 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.915 N41.937 W 4903220_123 page2022-06-02 11:19123R1009
4903220_122 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS28.973 N41.777 W 4903220_122 page2022-05-23 13:36122R1010
4903220_121 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS28.989 N41.582 W 4903220_121 page2022-05-13 16:12121R1010
4903220_120 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS28.966 N41.288 W 4903220_120 page2022-05-03 18:37120R1009
4903220_119 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS28.932 N41.022 W 4903220_119 page2022-04-23 21:07119R1011
4903220_118 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS28.980 N40.639 W 4903220_118 page2022-04-13 23:36118R1009
4903220_117 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS29.203 N40.425 W 4903220_117 page2022-04-04 01:56117R1008
4903220_116 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS29.373 N40.291 W 4903220_116 page2022-03-25 04:29116R1010
4903220_115 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS29.541 N40.240 W 4903220_115 page2022-03-15 06:56115R1008
4903220_114 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS29.735 N40.394 W 4903220_114 page2022-03-05 09:27114R1012
4903220_113 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS29.960 N40.352 W 4903220_113 page2022-02-23 11:49113R1011
4903220_112 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS29.993 N40.313 W 4903220_112 page2022-02-13 14:15112R1009
4903220_111 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS29.871 N40.293 W 4903220_111 page2022-02-03 16:56111R1014
4903220_110 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS29.792 N40.242 W 4903220_110 page2022-01-24 19:32110R1011
4903220_109 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS29.667 N40.325 W 4903220_109 page2022-01-14 22:01109R1009
4903220_108 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS29.456 N40.292 W 4903220_108 page2022-01-05 00:41108R1011
4903220_107 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS29.239 N40.082 W 4903220_107 page2021-12-26 03:11107R1008
4903220_106 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS29.072 N39.863 W 4903220_106 page2021-12-16 05:41106R1011
4903220_105 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS28.801 N39.684 W 4903220_105 page2021-12-06 07:59105R1014
4903220_104 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS28.556 N39.540 W 4903220_104 page2021-11-26 10:28104R1011
4903220_103 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS28.487 N39.446 W 4903220_103 page2021-11-16 13:09103R1009
4903220_102 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS28.426 N39.293 W 4903220_102 page2021-11-06 15:25102R1011
4903220_101 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.308 N39.225 W 4903220_101 page2021-10-27 17:57101R1011
4903220_100 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS28.170 N39.116 W 4903220_100 page2021-10-17 20:32100R1010
4903220_99 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS27.931 N39.013 W 4903220_99 page2021-10-07 23:0499R1007
4903220_98 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS27.602 N38.914 W 4903220_98 page2021-09-28 01:2598R1009
4903220_97 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.211 N38.739 W 4903220_97 page2021-09-18 04:0397R1011
4903220_96 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS26.824 N38.443 W 4903220_96 page2021-09-08 06:2596R1011
4903220_95 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS26.526 N38.186 W 4903220_95 page2021-08-29 08:4995R1009
4903220_94 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.274 N38.056 W 4903220_94 page2021-08-19 11:0294D1008
4903220_93 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.096 N38.045 W 4903220_93 page2021-08-09 13:3393D1012
4903220_92 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.938 N38.174 W 4903220_92 page2021-07-30 15:4892D1008
4903220_91 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.963 N38.508 W 4903220_91 page2021-07-20 18:2391D1011
4903220_90 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.149 N38.685 W 4903220_90 page2021-07-10 20:4790D1011
4903220_89 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.391 N38.677 W 4903220_89 page2021-06-30 22:5789D1009
4903220_88 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.669 N38.562 W 4903220_88 page2021-06-21 01:1388D1008
4903220_87 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.893 N38.433 W 4903220_87 page2021-06-11 03:4587D1008
4903220_86 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.160 N38.278 W 4903220_86 page2021-06-01 06:0586D1014
4903220_85 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.451 N38.232 W 4903220_85 page2021-05-22 08:2785D1011
4903220_84 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.733 N38.277 W 4903220_84 page2021-05-12 11:0084D1010
4903220_83 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.981 N38.295 W 4903220_83 page2021-05-02 13:2983D1008
4903220_82 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.198 N38.358 W 4903220_82 page2021-04-22 15:5182D1008
4903220_81 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.312 N38.350 W 4903220_81 page2021-04-12 18:0981D1009
4903220_80 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.399 N38.394 W 4903220_80 page2021-04-02 20:4180D1010
4903220_79 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.393 N38.358 W 4903220_79 page2021-03-23 23:2379D1011
4903220_78 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.252 N38.418 W 4903220_78 page2021-03-14 01:5678D1007
4903220_77 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.863 N38.580 W 4903220_77 page2021-03-04 04:0877D1010
4903220_76 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.306 N38.923 W 4903220_76 page2021-02-22 06:2976D1007
4903220_75 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.835 N39.480 W 4903220_75 page2021-02-12 08:5975D1007
4903220_74 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.655 N39.971 W 4903220_74 page2021-02-02 11:4774D1009
4903220_73 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.749 N40.270 W 4903220_73 page2021-01-23 14:1973D1009
4903220_72 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.031 N40.410 W 4903220_72 page2021-01-13 16:5072D1010
4903220_71 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.479 N40.560 W 4903220_71 page2021-01-03 19:1971D1014
4903220_70 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.760 N40.843 W 4903220_70 page2020-12-24 21:5370D1009
4903220_69 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.796 N41.001 W 4903220_69 page2020-12-15 00:1869D1010
4903220_68 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.661 N41.082 W 4903220_68 page2020-12-05 02:5468D1012
4903220_67 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.469 N41.160 W 4903220_67 page2020-11-25 05:2167D1011
4903220_66 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.120 N41.179 W 4903220_66 page2020-11-15 07:4766D1009
4903220_65 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.820 N41.084 W 4903220_65 page2020-11-05 10:2565D1010
4903220_64 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.627 N40.942 W 4903220_64 page2020-10-26 13:0464D1012
4903220_63 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.480 N40.857 W 4903220_63 page2020-10-16 15:3763D1010
4903220_62 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.447 N40.756 W 4903220_62 page2020-10-06 17:5962D1008
4903220_61 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.486 N40.643 W 4903220_61 page2020-09-26 20:3161D1010
4903220_60 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.612 N40.558 W 4903220_60 page2020-09-16 22:5860D1009
4903220_59 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.834 N40.390 W 4903220_59 page2020-09-07 01:3959D1009
4903220_58 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.065 N40.160 W 4903220_58 page2020-08-28 04:1458D1013
4903220_57 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.311 N39.926 W 4903220_57 page2020-08-18 06:4457D1010
4903220_56 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.387 N39.786 W 4903220_56 page2020-08-08 09:1556D1013
4903220_55 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.505 N39.636 W 4903220_55 page2020-07-29 11:5155D1009
4903220_54 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.595 N39.771 W 4903220_54 page2020-07-19 14:3454D1012
4903220_53 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.394 N40.122 W 4903220_53 page2020-07-09 17:0153D1008
4903220_52 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.973 N40.291 W 4903220_52 page2020-06-29 19:1952D1010
4903220_51 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.578 N40.444 W 4903220_51 page2020-06-19 21:3551D1008
4903220_50 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.161 N40.649 W 4903220_50 page2020-06-09 23:4950D1011
4903220_49 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.876 N40.828 W 4903220_49 page2020-05-31 02:1449D1013
4903220_48 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.797 N41.017 W 4903220_48 page2020-05-21 04:4448D1010
4903220_47 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.969 N41.209 W 4903220_47 page2020-05-11 06:5347D1013
4903220_46 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.281 N41.265 W 4903220_46 page2020-05-01 09:3346D1010
4903220_45 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.825 N41.392 W 4903220_45 page2020-04-21 11:4845D1008
4903220_44 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.070 N41.704 W 4903220_44 page2020-04-11 14:1644D1009
4903220_43 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.892 N42.054 W 4903220_43 page2020-04-01 16:4743D1010
4903220_42 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.583 N42.078 W 4903220_42 page2020-03-22 19:1242D1011
4903220_41 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.506 N41.976 W 4903220_41 page2020-03-12 21:3041D1011
4903220_40 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.459 N42.134 W 4903220_40 page2020-03-02 23:5540D1009
4903220_39 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.343 N42.326 W 4903220_39 page2020-02-22 02:3739D1010
4903220_38 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.182 N42.435 W 4903220_38 page2020-02-12 05:0638D1008
4903220_37 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.983 N42.660 W 4903220_37 page2020-02-02 07:3237D1010
4903220_36 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.832 N43.022 W 4903220_36 page2020-01-23 09:4436D1007
4903220_35 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.675 N43.535 W 4903220_35 page2020-01-13 12:1135D1011
4903220_34 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.550 N44.122 W 4903220_34 page2020-01-03 14:4034D1011
4903220_33 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.538 N44.696 W 4903220_33 page2019-12-24 17:0733D1009
4903220_32 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.751 N45.337 W 4903220_32 page2019-12-14 19:4732D1009
4903220_31 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.786 N46.178 W 4903220_31 page2019-12-04 22:2631D1009
4903220_30 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.571 N46.636 W 4903220_30 page2019-11-25 00:5530D1009
4903220_29 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.210 N46.830 W 4903220_29 page2019-11-15 03:2729D1012
4903220_28 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.063 N47.014 W 4903220_28 page2019-11-05 05:5128D1016
4903220_27 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.025 N47.460 W 4903220_27 page2019-10-26 08:2227D1011
4903220_26 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.959 N48.057 W 4903220_26 page2019-10-16 10:5126D1013
4903220_25 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.106 N48.564 W 4903220_25 page2019-10-06 13:1325D1007
4903220_24 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.419 N48.706 W 4903220_24 page2019-09-26 15:3524D1008
4903220_23 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.838 N48.793 W 4903220_23 page2019-09-16 17:5223D1010
4903220_22 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.935 N49.192 W 4903220_22 page2019-09-06 20:3322D1011
4903220_21 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.785 N49.564 W 4903220_21 page2019-08-27 22:5621D1010
4903220_20 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.723 N49.829 W 4903220_20 page2019-08-18 01:1720D1008
4903220_19 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.645 N50.000 W 4903220_19 page2019-08-08 03:4019D1009
4903220_18 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.287 N49.950 W 4903220_18 page2019-07-29 05:5318D1011
4903220_17 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.767 N49.563 W 4903220_17 page2019-07-19 08:1517D1011
4903220_16 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.357 N49.047 W 4903220_16 page2019-07-09 10:3616D1011
4903220_15 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.130 N48.612 W 4903220_15 page2019-06-29 12:5315D1007
4903220_14 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS23.952 N48.521 W 4903220_14 page2019-06-19 15:1314D1009
4903220_13 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS23.854 N48.726 W 4903220_13 page2019-06-09 17:3613D1007
4903220_12 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS23.895 N49.207 W 4903220_12 page2019-05-30 19:5212D1007
4903220_11 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.087 N49.737 W 4903220_11 page2019-05-20 22:0411D1012
4903220_10 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.393 N50.228 W 4903220_10 page2019-05-11 00:3510D1013
4903220_9 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.704 N50.679 W 4903220_9 page2019-05-01 02:509D1009
4903220_8 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.798 N51.113 W 4903220_8 page2019-04-21 04:588D1009
4903220_7 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.693 N51.358 W 4903220_7 page2019-04-11 07:127D1007
4903220_6 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.478 N51.454 W 4903220_6 page2019-04-01 09:196D1009
4903220_5 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.337 N51.404 W 4903220_5 page2019-03-22 11:315D1009
4903220_4 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.110 N51.164 W 4903220_4 page2019-03-12 12:594D762
4903220_3 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.090 N51.134 W 4903220_3 page2019-03-11 02:413D760
4903220_2 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.065 N51.110 W 4903220_2 page2019-03-09 16:282D687
4903220_1 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.039 N51.035 W 4903220_1 page2019-03-08 06:351D378
4903220_0 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.028 N51.024 W 4903220_0 page2019-03-07 20:240D59