Disclaimer: profiles with Iridium (Positioning System GPS) plot only 200 points max.

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Link to GDAC dataDacParametersPositioning systemLatLonLink to profile pageDate reportedCycle numberCore Data modeNum. of meas.
4903238_260 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS24.224 N84.239 W 4903238_260 page2022-11-29 19:34260R1007
4903238_259 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS23.901 N84.234 W 4903238_259 page2022-11-24 19:53259R1007
4903238_258 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.834 N84.155 W 4903238_258 page2022-11-19 20:27258R1007
4903238_257 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS23.736 N84.113 W 4903238_257 page2022-11-14 21:02257R513
4903238_256 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS23.947 N83.988 W 4903238_256 page2022-11-12 04:53256R513
4903238_255 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.179 N83.618 W 4903238_255 page2022-11-09 12:51255R513
4903238_254 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS24.216 N83.156 W 4903238_254 page2022-11-06 20:40254R369
4903238_253 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS24.092 N82.736 W 4903238_253 page2022-11-04 04:10253R408
4903238_252 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS24.075 N82.710 W 4903238_252 page2022-10-30 07:02252R390
4903238_251 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS24.060 N82.691 W 4903238_251 page2022-10-25 09:57251R415
4903238_250 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS24.045 N82.674 W 4903238_250 page2022-10-20 12:44250R425
4903238_249 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS24.029 N82.651 W 4903238_249 page2022-10-15 15:30249R426
4903238_248 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS24.013 N82.586 W 4903238_248 page2022-10-10 18:13248R441
4903238_247 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS23.992 N82.449 W 4903238_247 page2022-10-05 20:51247R461
4903238_246 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.971 N82.459 W 4903238_246 page2022-09-30 23:26246R473
4903238_245 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.953 N82.502 W 4903238_245 page2022-09-26 01:51245R480
4903238_244 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.961 N82.530 W 4903238_244 page2022-09-21 04:16244R456
4903238_243 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.987 N82.529 W 4903238_243 page2022-09-16 06:54243R452
4903238_242 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS23.991 N82.504 W 4903238_242 page2022-09-11 09:31242R455
4903238_241 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS23.989 N82.461 W 4903238_241 page2022-09-06 12:03241R449
4903238_240 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.979 N82.449 W 4903238_240 page2022-09-01 14:40240R472
4903238_239 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS23.963 N82.443 W 4903238_239 page2022-08-27 17:09239R478
4903238_238 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS23.947 N82.466 W 4903238_238 page2022-08-22 19:38238R484
4903238_237 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.936 N82.438 W 4903238_237 page2022-08-17 22:03237R510
4903238_236 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS23.911 N82.477 W 4903238_236 page2022-08-13 00:27236R515
4903238_235 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS23.894 N82.559 W 4903238_235 page2022-08-08 02:51235R532
4903238_234 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS23.891 N82.620 W 4903238_234 page2022-08-03 05:03234R532
4903238_233 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.890 N82.691 W 4903238_233 page2022-07-29 07:21233R532
4903238_232 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS23.891 N82.757 W 4903238_232 page2022-07-24 09:37232R517
4903238_231 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS23.902 N82.821 W 4903238_231 page2022-07-19 11:46231R503
4903238_230 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS23.910 N82.878 W 4903238_230 page2022-07-14 14:05230R505
4903238_229 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS23.912 N82.950 W 4903238_229 page2022-07-09 16:26229R533
4903238_228 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS23.902 N83.016 W 4903238_228 page2022-07-04 18:42228R640
4903238_227 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS23.891 N83.082 W 4903238_227 page2022-06-29 20:32227R653
4903238_226 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.894 N83.145 W 4903238_226 page2022-06-24 22:15226R580
4903238_225 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS23.908 N83.213 W 4903238_225 page2022-06-20 00:21225R560
4903238_224 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.912 N83.261 W 4903238_224 page2022-06-15 02:26224R553
4903238_223 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS23.907 N83.288 W 4903238_223 page2022-06-10 04:39223R550
4903238_222 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.884 N83.307 W 4903238_222 page2022-06-05 06:53222R560
4903238_221 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS23.861 N83.345 W 4903238_221 page2022-05-31 09:02221R562
4903238_220 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS23.850 N83.381 W 4903238_220 page2022-05-26 11:11220R540
4903238_219 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS23.849 N83.418 W 4903238_219 page2022-05-21 13:26219R581
4903238_218 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS23.851 N83.428 W 4903238_218 page2022-05-16 15:23218R581
4903238_217 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.850 N83.423 W 4903238_217 page2022-05-11 17:24217R580
4903238_216 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS23.839 N83.417 W 4903238_216 page2022-05-06 19:29216R587
4903238_215 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS23.819 N83.451 W 4903238_215 page2022-05-01 21:33215R610
4903238_214 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.797 N83.503 W 4903238_214 page2022-04-26 23:29214R669
4903238_213 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.797 N83.539 W 4903238_213 page2022-04-22 01:04213R672
4903238_212 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS23.817 N83.560 W 4903238_212 page2022-04-17 02:45212R670
4903238_211 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS23.845 N83.593 W 4903238_211 page2022-04-12 04:26211R700
4903238_210 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS23.866 N83.625 W 4903238_210 page2022-04-07 05:52210R721
4903238_209 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS23.897 N83.656 W 4903238_209 page2022-04-02 07:22209R690
4903238_208 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.941 N83.674 W 4903238_208 page2022-03-28 08:57208R653
4903238_207 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.993 N83.698 W 4903238_207 page2022-03-23 10:42207D658
4903238_206 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.029 N83.719 W 4903238_206 page2022-03-18 12:28206D691
4903238_205 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.065 N83.756 W 4903238_205 page2022-03-13 14:02205D748
4903238_204 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.073 N83.873 W 4903238_204 page2022-03-08 15:19204D761
4903238_203 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.085 N83.950 W 4903238_203 page2022-03-03 16:35203D795
4903238_202 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.160 N84.064 W 4903238_202 page2022-02-26 17:37202D814
4903238_201 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.103 N84.083 W 4903238_201 page2022-02-21 18:38201D1011
4903238_200 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.021 N84.203 W 4903238_200 page2022-02-16 18:52200D1007
4903238_199 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.906 N84.209 W 4903238_199 page2022-02-11 19:03199D1012
4903238_198 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.888 N84.249 W 4903238_198 page2022-02-06 19:23198D1012
4903238_197 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.742 N84.432 W 4903238_197 page2022-02-01 19:39197D1008
4903238_196 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.712 N84.566 W 4903238_196 page2022-01-27 20:00196D1007
4903238_195 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.679 N85.010 W 4903238_195 page2022-01-22 20:26195D1007
4903238_194 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.738 N85.200 W 4903238_194 page2022-01-17 20:45194D1007
4903238_193 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.843 N85.224 W 4903238_193 page2022-01-12 21:07193D1007
4903238_192 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.978 N85.307 W 4903238_192 page2022-01-07 21:33192D1008
4903238_191 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.151 N85.275 W 4903238_191 page2022-01-02 22:10191D1012
4903238_190 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.217 N85.114 W 4903238_190 page2021-12-28 22:23190D1007
4903238_189 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.243 N85.075 W 4903238_189 page2021-12-23 22:50189D1006
4903238_188 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.326 N85.008 W 4903238_188 page2021-12-18 23:08188D1007
4903238_187 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.458 N84.941 W 4903238_187 page2021-12-13 23:31187D1009
4903238_186 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.506 N84.831 W 4903238_186 page2021-12-09 00:01186D1011
4903238_185 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.637 N84.623 W 4903238_185 page2021-12-04 00:13185D1006
4903238_184 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.527 N84.340 W 4903238_184 page2021-11-29 00:35184D1009
4903238_183 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.378 N84.214 W 4903238_183 page2021-11-24 01:11183D1009
4903238_182 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.300 N84.350 W 4903238_182 page2021-11-19 01:27182D1007
4903238_181 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.174 N84.294 W 4903238_181 page2021-11-14 01:40181D1011
4903238_180 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.364 N84.114 W 4903238_180 page2021-11-09 01:51180D1009
4903238_179 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.241 N84.041 W 4903238_179 page2021-11-04 02:46179D727
4903238_178 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.236 N84.013 W 4903238_178 page2021-10-30 04:08178D686
4903238_177 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.207 N83.994 W 4903238_177 page2021-10-25 05:45177D666
4903238_176 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.120 N84.000 W 4903238_176 page2021-10-20 07:15176D848
4903238_175 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.891 N83.871 W 4903238_175 page2021-10-15 08:05175D1008
4903238_174 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.863 N83.941 W 4903238_174 page2021-10-10 08:18174D1012
4903238_173 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.879 N83.966 W 4903238_173 page2021-10-05 08:35173D1008
4903238_172 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.855 N83.984 W 4903238_172 page2021-09-30 08:45172D1012
4903238_171 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.849 N84.037 W 4903238_171 page2021-09-25 09:00171D1011
4903238_170 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.760 N84.152 W 4903238_170 page2021-09-20 09:08170D1013
4903238_169 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.665 N84.154 W 4903238_169 page2021-09-15 09:19169D1008
4903238_168 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.759 N84.116 W 4903238_168 page2021-09-12 13:36168D1007
4903238_167 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.833 N84.154 W 4903238_167 page2021-09-09 17:51167D1008
4903238_166 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.888 N84.227 W 4903238_166 page2021-09-06 22:05166D1008
4903238_165 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.926 N84.267 W 4903238_165 page2021-09-04 02:13165D1007
4903238_164 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS23.939 N84.238 W 4903238_164 page2021-09-01 06:36164D1007
4903238_163 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.059 N84.297 W 4903238_163 page2021-08-29 11:01163D1007
4903238_162 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.272 N84.807 W 4903238_162 page2021-08-26 17:22162D79
4903238_161 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.455 N85.758 W 4903238_161 page2021-08-24 06:27161D64
4903238_160 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.545 N87.065 W 4903238_160 page2021-08-21 19:42160D105
4903238_159 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.928 N87.259 W 4903238_159 page2021-08-19 08:31159D1007
4903238_158 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.924 N87.349 W 4903238_158 page2021-08-14 09:14158D1009
4903238_157 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.075 N87.117 W 4903238_157 page2021-08-09 09:40157D1003
4903238_156 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.102 N87.010 W 4903238_156 page2021-08-04 10:06156D1009
4903238_155 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.152 N87.241 W 4903238_155 page2021-07-30 10:48155D1006
4903238_154 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.166 N87.411 W 4903238_154 page2021-07-25 11:25154D1005
4903238_153 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.203 N87.452 W 4903238_153 page2021-07-20 12:02153D1007
4903238_152 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.187 N87.358 W 4903238_152 page2021-07-15 12:37152D1011
4903238_151 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.157 N87.286 W 4903238_151 page2021-07-10 13:16151D1009
4903238_150 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.166 N87.168 W 4903238_150 page2021-07-05 13:58150D1007
4903238_149 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.131 N87.209 W 4903238_149 page2021-06-30 14:45149D1007
4903238_148 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.114 N87.311 W 4903238_148 page2021-06-25 15:27148D1008
4903238_147 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.097 N87.313 W 4903238_147 page2021-06-20 16:11147D1011
4903238_146 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.030 N87.311 W 4903238_146 page2021-06-15 16:56146D1008
4903238_145 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.962 N87.246 W 4903238_145 page2021-06-10 17:34145D1007
4903238_144 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.826 N87.165 W 4903238_144 page2021-06-05 18:09144D1012
4903238_143 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.763 N87.178 W 4903238_143 page2021-05-31 18:58143D1007
4903238_142 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.660 N87.255 W 4903238_142 page2021-05-26 19:35142D1007
4903238_141 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.589 N87.453 W 4903238_141 page2021-05-21 20:08141D1008
4903238_140 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.670 N87.385 W 4903238_140 page2021-05-16 20:46140D1006
4903238_139 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.743 N86.906 W 4903238_139 page2021-05-11 21:22139D1008
4903238_138 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.641 N86.444 W 4903238_138 page2021-05-06 22:05138D1010
4903238_137 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.623 N86.541 W 4903238_137 page2021-05-01 22:42137D1008
4903238_136 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.618 N86.984 W 4903238_136 page2021-04-26 23:25136D1009
4903238_135 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.437 N87.280 W 4903238_135 page2021-04-22 00:05135D1013
4903238_134 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.411 N87.184 W 4903238_134 page2021-04-17 00:47134D1006
4903238_133 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.441 N87.465 W 4903238_133 page2021-04-12 01:24133D1008
4903238_132 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.362 N87.736 W 4903238_132 page2021-04-07 02:02132D1007
4903238_131 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.521 N87.527 W 4903238_131 page2021-04-02 02:37131D1007
4903238_130 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.649 N87.237 W 4903238_130 page2021-03-28 03:16130D1007
4903238_129 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.684 N87.256 W 4903238_129 page2021-03-23 03:50129D1012
4903238_128 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.629 N87.416 W 4903238_128 page2021-03-18 04:17128D1008
4903238_127 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.500 N87.525 W 4903238_127 page2021-03-13 04:54127D1007
4903238_126 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.287 N87.462 W 4903238_126 page2021-03-08 05:43126D1007
4903238_124 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.422 N87.191 W 4903238_124 page2021-02-26 07:08124D1008
4903238_123 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.620 N87.287 W 4903238_123 page2021-02-21 07:47123D1008
4903238_122 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.478 N87.498 W 4903238_122 page2021-02-16 08:27122D1007
4903238_121 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.396 N87.424 W 4903238_121 page2021-02-11 09:00121D1009
4903238_120 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.325 N86.987 W 4903238_120 page2021-02-06 09:41120D1007
4903238_119 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.273 N86.717 W 4903238_119 page2021-02-01 10:25119D1010
4903238_118 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.259 N86.954 W 4903238_118 page2021-01-27 10:58118D1011
4903238_117 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.294 N87.492 W 4903238_117 page2021-01-22 11:31117D1008
4903238_116 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.242 N87.884 W 4903238_116 page2021-01-17 12:17116D1007
4903238_115 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.306 N88.062 W 4903238_115 page2021-01-12 12:57115D1008
4903238_114 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.162 N88.032 W 4903238_114 page2021-01-07 13:44114D1011
4903238_113 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.069 N87.929 W 4903238_113 page2021-01-02 14:21113D1007
4903238_112 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.073 N87.789 W 4903238_112 page2020-12-28 14:59112D1006
4903238_111 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.200 N87.511 W 4903238_111 page2020-12-23 15:27111D1008
4903238_110 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.234 N87.284 W 4903238_110 page2020-12-18 16:05110D1007
4903238_109 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.289 N87.247 W 4903238_109 page2020-12-13 16:45109D1007
4903238_108 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.419 N87.382 W 4903238_108 page2020-12-08 17:19108D1007
4903238_107 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.427 N87.449 W 4903238_107 page2020-12-03 18:10107D1007
4903238_106 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.420 N87.503 W 4903238_106 page2020-11-28 18:51106D1009
4903238_105 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.413 N87.524 W 4903238_105 page2020-11-23 19:30105D1009
4903238_104 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.416 N87.366 W 4903238_104 page2020-11-18 20:11104D1013
4903238_103 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.434 N87.290 W 4903238_103 page2020-11-13 20:50103D1006
4903238_102 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.386 N87.265 W 4903238_102 page2020-11-08 21:22102D1007
4903238_101 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.312 N87.276 W 4903238_101 page2020-11-03 21:57101D1007
4903238_100 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.303 N87.342 W 4903238_100 page2020-10-29 22:33100D1008
4903238_99 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.368 N87.526 W 4903238_99 page2020-10-24 22:5999D1007
4903238_98 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.409 N87.709 W 4903238_98 page2020-10-19 23:3098D1008
4903238_97 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.319 N87.697 W 4903238_97 page2020-10-15 00:0597D1007
4903238_96 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.056 N87.584 W 4903238_96 page2020-10-10 00:4496D1007
4903238_95 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.727 N87.781 W 4903238_95 page2020-10-05 01:1995D1007
4903238_94 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.546 N87.971 W 4903238_94 page2020-09-30 01:5294D1007
4903238_93 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.368 N87.896 W 4903238_93 page2020-09-25 02:2693D1011
4903238_92 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.363 N87.862 W 4903238_92 page2020-09-20 02:5692D1007
4903238_91 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.436 N87.868 W 4903238_91 page2020-09-15 03:2591D1007
4903238_90 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.409 N87.537 W 4903238_90 page2020-09-10 03:5790D1011
4903238_89 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.533 N87.102 W 4903238_89 page2020-09-05 04:4189D1007
4903238_88 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.936 N86.914 W 4903238_88 page2020-08-31 05:1588D1007
4903238_87 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.384 N87.006 W 4903238_87 page2020-08-26 05:5787D1007
4903238_86 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.662 N87.112 W 4903238_86 page2020-08-21 06:3286D1007
4903238_85 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.847 N87.084 W 4903238_85 page2020-08-16 07:0685D1007
4903238_84 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.887 N86.976 W 4903238_84 page2020-08-11 07:4384D1007
4903238_83 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.766 N86.773 W 4903238_83 page2020-08-06 08:1683D1008
4903238_82 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.426 N86.494 W 4903238_82 page2020-08-01 08:4482D1008
4903238_81 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.200 N86.438 W 4903238_81 page2020-07-27 09:2281D1007
4903238_80 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.161 N86.222 W 4903238_80 page2020-07-22 09:5480D1010
4903238_79 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.024 N85.991 W 4903238_79 page2020-07-17 10:3679D1008
4903238_78 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.949 N85.884 W 4903238_78 page2020-07-12 11:2078D1007
4903238_77 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.831 N85.947 W 4903238_77 page2020-07-07 11:5977D1007
4903238_76 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.722 N86.211 W 4903238_76 page2020-07-02 12:5176D1010
4903238_75 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.622 N86.645 W 4903238_75 page2020-06-27 13:5575D1011
4903238_74 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.357 N87.011 W 4903238_74 page2020-06-22 14:5474D1013
4903238_73 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.936 N87.168 W 4903238_73 page2020-06-17 16:0173D1007
4903238_72 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.973 N87.506 W 4903238_72 page2020-06-12 17:0772D1012
4903238_71 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.273 N87.627 W 4903238_71 page2020-06-07 18:0671D1008
4903238_70 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.224 N87.563 W 4903238_70 page2020-06-02 19:1070D1012
4903238_69 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.024 N87.364 W 4903238_69 page2020-05-28 19:5469D1012
4903238_68 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.936 N87.206 W 4903238_68 page2020-05-23 20:5368D1008
4903238_67 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.148 N86.998 W 4903238_67 page2020-05-18 21:5867D1009
4903238_66 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.537 N86.879 W 4903238_66 page2020-05-13 22:5866D1009
4903238_65 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.660 N86.937 W 4903238_65 page2020-05-08 23:5765D1010
4903238_64 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.601 N86.837 W 4903238_64 page2020-05-04 00:4264D1009
4903238_63 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.556 N86.680 W 4903238_63 page2020-04-29 01:4363D1011
4903238_62 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.443 N86.486 W 4903238_62 page2020-04-24 02:5062D1010
4903238_61 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.392 N86.365 W 4903238_61 page2020-04-19 03:4361D1007
4903238_60 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.286 N86.431 W 4903238_60 page2020-04-14 04:4660D1011
4903238_59 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.366 N86.732 W 4903238_59 page2020-04-09 05:4559D1007
4903238_58 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.891 N86.969 W 4903238_58 page2020-04-04 06:4658D1009
4903238_57 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.987 N87.432 W 4903238_57 page2020-03-30 07:4457D1011
4903238_56 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.477 N87.599 W 4903238_56 page2020-03-25 08:4556D1012
4903238_55 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.740 N86.962 W 4903238_55 page2020-03-20 09:4355D1008
4903238_54 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.202 N86.887 W 4903238_54 page2020-03-15 10:4254D1010
4903238_53 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.377 N87.381 W 4903238_53 page2020-03-10 11:4153D1009
4903238_52 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.005 N87.491 W 4903238_52 page2020-03-05 12:3952D1006
4903238_51 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.070 N87.182 W 4903238_51 page2020-02-29 13:2651D1009
4903238_50 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.569 N86.848 W 4903238_50 page2020-02-24 14:2350D1011
4903238_49 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.807 N86.913 W 4903238_49 page2020-02-19 15:1049D1007
4903238_48 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.827 N86.475 W 4903238_48 page2020-02-14 15:5948D1008
4903238_47 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.543 N85.669 W 4903238_47 page2020-02-09 17:0047D1011
4903238_46 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.863 N85.356 W 4903238_46 page2020-02-04 17:5946D1007
4903238_45 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.696 N85.359 W 4903238_45 page2020-01-30 19:0145D1008
4903238_44 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.803 N85.475 W 4903238_44 page2020-01-25 19:5144D1011
4903238_43 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.976 N85.734 W 4903238_43 page2020-01-20 20:3843D1006
4903238_42 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.110 N86.293 W 4903238_42 page2020-01-15 21:3042D1009
4903238_41 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.051 N86.667 W 4903238_41 page2020-01-10 22:2641D1008
4903238_40 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.801 N86.434 W 4903238_40 page2020-01-05 23:1540D1010
4903238_39 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.477 N86.039 W 4903238_39 page2020-01-01 00:1439D1007
4903238_38 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.266 N85.829 W 4903238_38 page2019-12-27 01:1538D1007
4903238_37 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.181 N86.073 W 4903238_37 page2019-12-22 02:1337D1010
4903238_36 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.230 N86.623 W 4903238_36 page2019-12-17 03:1436D1012
4903238_35 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.360 N86.961 W 4903238_35 page2019-12-12 04:0035D1009
4903238_34 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.122 N87.403 W 4903238_34 page2019-12-07 04:5534D1006
4903238_33 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.995 N87.666 W 4903238_33 page2019-12-02 05:5333D1010
4903238_32 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.245 N87.861 W 4903238_32 page2019-11-27 06:5232D1011
4903238_31 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.262 N88.093 W 4903238_31 page2019-11-22 07:5131D1010
4903238_30 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.058 N87.928 W 4903238_30 page2019-11-17 08:4130D1011
4903238_29 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.993 N87.864 W 4903238_29 page2019-11-12 09:3029D1009
4903238_28 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.019 N87.847 W 4903238_28 page2019-11-07 10:2928D1010
4903238_27 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.998 N88.099 W 4903238_27 page2019-11-02 11:3527D1007
4903238_26 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.840 N88.573 W 4903238_26 page2019-10-28 12:3426D1010
4903238_25 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.784 N88.721 W 4903238_25 page2019-10-23 13:2125D1009
4903238_24 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.680 N88.669 W 4903238_24 page2019-10-18 14:0824D1007
4903238_23 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.432 N88.482 W 4903238_23 page2019-10-13 14:4123D1007
4903238_22 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.442 N88.514 W 4903238_22 page2019-10-08 15:4322D1009
4903238_21 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.802 N88.429 W 4903238_21 page2019-10-03 16:2121D1009
4903238_20 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.938 N88.858 W 4903238_20 page2019-09-28 17:2220D1008
4903238_19 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.805 N89.124 W 4903238_19 page2019-09-23 18:2019D1011
4903238_18 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.595 N89.057 W 4903238_18 page2019-09-18 19:1418D1010
4903238_17 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.585 N88.790 W 4903238_17 page2019-09-13 20:2517D1010
4903238_16 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.835 N88.477 W 4903238_16 page2019-09-08 21:3316D1011
4903238_15 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.679 N88.232 W 4903238_15 page2019-09-03 22:1215D1007
4903238_14 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.370 N87.856 W 4903238_14 page2019-08-29 23:2814D1008
4903238_13 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.240 N87.145 W 4903238_13 page2019-08-25 00:5713D1011
4903238_12 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.268 N86.486 W 4903238_12 page2019-08-20 02:1312D1011
4903238_11 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.635 N86.518 W 4903238_11 page2019-08-15 03:4411D1006
4903238_10 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.329 N86.657 W 4903238_10 page2019-08-10 04:3810D1006
4903238_9 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.689 N86.139 W 4903238_9 page2019-08-05 05:469D1010
4903238_8 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.597 N85.375 W 4903238_8 page2019-07-31 06:418D1011
4903238_7 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.223 N85.041 W 4903238_7 page2019-07-26 05:347D1009
4903238_6 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.625 N85.736 W 4903238_6 page2019-07-21 04:356D1006
4903238_5 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS24.710 N86.625 W 4903238_5 page2019-07-16 03:525D1009
4903238_4 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.121 N87.444 W 4903238_4 page2019-07-11 02:014D1006
4903238_3 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.425 N86.874 W 4903238_3 page2019-07-06 01:163D1007
4903238_2 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.285 N86.425 W 4903238_2 page2019-07-01 00:242D1010
4903238_1 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.591 N86.416 W 4903238_1 page2019-06-25 23:271D1009
4903238_0 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.158 N86.692 W 4903238_0 page2019-06-20 22:420D60