Disclaimer: profiles with Iridium (Positioning System GPS) plot only 200 points max.

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Link to GDAC dataDacParametersPositioning systemLatLonLink to profile pageDate reportedCycle numberCore Data modeNum. of meas.
4903335_71 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS21.737 N44.348 W 4903335_71 page2022-11-23 17:0971R1008
4903335_70 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS21.268 N44.804 W 4903335_70 page2022-11-13 19:4670R1009
4903335_69 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS20.970 N45.498 W 4903335_69 page2022-11-03 22:0069R1009
4903335_68 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS20.850 N45.760 W 4903335_68 page2022-10-25 00:1768R1012
4903335_67 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS20.666 N45.715 W 4903335_67 page2022-10-15 03:0167R1008
4903335_66 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS20.448 N45.479 W 4903335_66 page2022-10-05 05:3466R1008
4903335_65 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS20.226 N45.397 W 4903335_65 page2022-09-25 07:5665R1006
4903335_64 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS19.914 N45.633 W 4903335_64 page2022-09-15 10:2464R1010
4903335_63 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS19.527 N46.141 W 4903335_63 page2022-09-05 12:3563R1009
4903335_62 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS19.613 N46.556 W 4903335_62 page2022-08-26 15:0162R1013
4903335_61 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS19.999 N46.678 W 4903335_61 page2022-08-16 17:1761R1010
4903335_60 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS20.363 N46.795 W 4903335_60 page2022-08-06 19:3960R1010
4903335_59 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS20.676 N47.018 W 4903335_59 page2022-07-27 22:0559R1007
4903335_58 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS20.904 N47.386 W 4903335_58 page2022-07-18 00:2558R1008
4903335_57 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS21.072 N47.724 W 4903335_57 page2022-07-08 02:4157R1009
4903335_56 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS21.082 N47.887 W 4903335_56 page2022-06-28 05:0656R1007
4903335_55 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.974 N47.739 W 4903335_55 page2022-06-18 07:2355R1009
4903335_54 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS20.820 N47.468 W 4903335_54 page2022-06-08 09:4554R1009
4903335_53 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS20.666 N47.156 W 4903335_53 page2022-05-29 12:0453R1006
4903335_52 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS20.567 N46.810 W 4903335_52 page2022-05-19 14:1552R1007
4903335_51 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.445 N46.435 W 4903335_51 page2022-05-09 16:3651D1006
4903335_50 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.270 N46.057 W 4903335_50 page2022-04-29 18:5650D1008
4903335_49 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.224 N45.775 W 4903335_49 page2022-04-19 20:5949D1017
4903335_48 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.266 N45.514 W 4903335_48 page2022-04-09 22:4348D1013
4903335_47 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.341 N45.256 W 4903335_47 page2022-03-31 01:1247D1010
4903335_46 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.429 N45.057 W 4903335_46 page2022-03-21 03:4246D1013
4903335_45 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.411 N44.882 W 4903335_45 page2022-03-11 06:0945D1007
4903335_44 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.296 N44.778 W 4903335_44 page2022-03-01 08:1344D1007
4903335_43 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.099 N44.650 W 4903335_43 page2022-02-19 10:3843D1007
4903335_42 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.970 N44.526 W 4903335_42 page2022-02-09 13:2442D1008
4903335_41 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.944 N44.565 W 4903335_41 page2022-01-30 15:4241D1009
4903335_40 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.965 N44.747 W 4903335_40 page2022-01-20 17:4640D1008
4903335_39 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.043 N44.945 W 4903335_39 page2022-01-10 19:5639D1009
4903335_38 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.114 N45.138 W 4903335_38 page2021-12-31 22:1538D1006
4903335_37 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.213 N45.178 W 4903335_37 page2021-12-22 00:3237D1019
4903335_36 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.423 N45.237 W 4903335_36 page2021-12-12 02:1036D1010
4903335_35 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.738 N45.435 W 4903335_35 page2021-12-02 04:1535D1008
4903335_34 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS21.174 N45.748 W 4903335_34 page2021-11-22 06:3634D1009
4903335_33 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS21.528 N46.269 W 4903335_33 page2021-11-12 08:4133D1008
4903335_32 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS21.287 N46.805 W 4903335_32 page2021-11-02 11:0532D1008
4903335_31 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.796 N47.070 W 4903335_31 page2021-10-23 13:3631D1007
4903335_30 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.509 N47.405 W 4903335_30 page2021-10-13 15:5330D1007
4903335_29 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.377 N47.555 W 4903335_29 page2021-10-03 18:0129D1011
4903335_28 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.350 N47.474 W 4903335_28 page2021-09-23 20:2728D1010
4903335_27 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.366 N47.209 W 4903335_27 page2021-09-13 22:3327D1010
4903335_26 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.339 N46.780 W 4903335_26 page2021-09-04 00:4926D1008
4903335_25 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.252 N46.217 W 4903335_25 page2021-08-25 02:4925D1007
4903335_24 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.154 N45.604 W 4903335_24 page2021-08-15 04:5524D1008
4903335_23 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.141 N45.055 W 4903335_23 page2021-08-05 07:2023D1009
4903335_22 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.221 N44.421 W 4903335_22 page2021-07-26 10:0922D1008
4903335_21 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.338 N43.927 W 4903335_21 page2021-07-16 12:0921D1009
4903335_20 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.582 N43.543 W 4903335_20 page2021-07-06 14:3620D1008
4903335_19 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.909 N43.321 W 4903335_19 page2021-06-26 17:1019D1009
4903335_18 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS21.173 N43.215 W 4903335_18 page2021-06-16 19:0818D1014
4903335_17 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS21.408 N43.217 W 4903335_17 page2021-06-06 21:1617D1007
4903335_16 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS21.464 N43.246 W 4903335_16 page2021-05-27 23:4016D1009
4903335_15 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS21.375 N43.112 W 4903335_15 page2021-05-18 01:5215D1011
4903335_14 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS21.114 N42.770 W 4903335_14 page2021-05-08 04:0814D1007
4903335_13 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.785 N42.317 W 4903335_13 page2021-04-28 06:2813D1010
4903335_12 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.423 N41.917 W 4903335_12 page2021-04-18 08:4812D1010
4903335_11 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS20.083 N41.618 W 4903335_11 page2021-04-08 11:2411D1007
4903335_10 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.783 N41.452 W 4903335_10 page2021-03-29 13:4710D1008
4903335_9 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.492 N41.407 W 4903335_9 page2021-03-19 16:129D1010
4903335_8 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.173 N41.395 W 4903335_8 page2021-03-09 18:238D1007
4903335_7 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS18.851 N41.424 W 4903335_7 page2021-02-27 20:457D1008
4903335_6 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS18.717 N41.602 W 4903335_6 page2021-02-17 22:546D1009
4903335_5 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS18.770 N41.827 W 4903335_5 page2021-02-08 01:055D1007
4903335_4 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.161 N42.220 W 4903335_4 page2021-01-29 03:084D761
4903335_3 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.229 N42.300 W 4903335_3 page2021-01-27 16:513D761
4903335_2 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.293 N42.394 W 4903335_2 page2021-01-26 06:362D759
4903335_1 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.363 N42.477 W 4903335_1 page2021-01-24 20:321D548
4903335_0 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS19.391 N42.512 W 4903335_0 page2021-01-24 09:410D52