Disclaimer: profiles with Iridium (Positioning System GPS) plot only 200 points max.

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Link to GDAC dataDacParametersPositioning systemLatLonLink to profile pageDate reportedCycle numberCore Data modeNum. of meas.
4903356_132 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.066 N87.429 W 4903356_132 page2023-01-30 20:51132A1011
4903356_131 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS28.036 N87.227 W 4903356_131 page2023-01-25 21:26131A1013
4903356_130 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS28.116 N87.260 W 4903356_130 page2023-01-20 21:54130A1011
4903356_129 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS28.083 N87.412 W 4903356_129 page2023-01-15 22:28129A1010
4903356_128 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.925 N87.484 W 4903356_128 page2023-01-10 22:58128A1009
4903356_127 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS27.819 N87.502 W 4903356_127 page2023-01-05 23:27127A1008
4903356_126 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.665 N87.707 W 4903356_126 page2022-12-31 23:58126A1009
4903356_125 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS27.642 N87.659 W 4903356_125 page2022-12-27 00:32125A1013
4903356_124 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS27.844 N87.504 W 4903356_124 page2022-12-22 01:12124A1013
4903356_123 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS27.933 N87.261 W 4903356_123 page2022-12-17 01:48123A1009
4903356_122 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS27.917 N86.778 W 4903356_122 page2022-12-12 02:27122A1008
4903356_121 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.846 N86.494 W 4903356_121 page2022-12-07 02:58121A1013
4903356_120 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS27.804 N86.551 W 4903356_120 page2022-12-02 03:22120A1013
4903356_119 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.751 N86.764 W 4903356_119 page2022-11-27 03:46119A1012
4903356_118 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS27.775 N86.926 W 4903356_118 page2022-11-22 04:22118A1009
4903356_117 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS27.651 N86.672 W 4903356_117 page2022-11-17 04:59117A1010
4903356_116 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.399 N86.537 W 4903356_116 page2022-11-12 05:31116A1008
4903356_115 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.221 N86.552 W 4903356_115 page2022-11-07 06:04115A1011
4903356_114 dataaoml pres, temp, psalGPS27.216 N86.731 W 4903356_114 page2022-11-02 06:31114A1011
4903356_113 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS27.515 N87.084 W 4903356_113 page2022-10-28 07:06113A1013
4903356_112 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.672 N87.569 W 4903356_112 page2022-10-23 07:33112A1014
4903356_111 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS27.342 N87.807 W 4903356_111 page2022-10-18 08:03111A1012
4903356_110 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS27.046 N87.900 W 4903356_110 page2022-10-13 08:34110A1010
4903356_109 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.156 N87.451 W 4903356_109 page2022-10-08 09:02109A1009
4903356_108 dataaoml psal, pres, tempGPS27.211 N86.504 W 4903356_108 page2022-10-03 09:38108A1010
4903356_107 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS26.757 N87.097 W 4903356_107 page2022-09-28 10:17107A1008
4903356_106 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS26.349 N87.778 W 4903356_106 page2022-09-23 10:46106A1013
4903356_105 dataaoml temp, psal, presGPS25.800 N87.841 W 4903356_105 page2022-09-18 11:14105A1008
4903356_104 dataaoml pres, psal, tempGPS26.049 N88.353 W 4903356_104 page2022-09-13 11:43104A1010
4903356_103 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS25.986 N88.803 W 4903356_103 page2022-09-08 12:21103A1011
4903356_102 dataaoml psal, temp, presGPS26.108 N88.829 W 4903356_102 page2022-09-03 12:56102A1013
4903356_101 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.144 N87.710 W 4903356_101 page2022-08-29 13:33101A1011
4903356_100 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.420 N87.148 W 4903356_100 page2022-08-24 14:07100A1013
4903356_99 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.911 N87.773 W 4903356_99 page2022-08-19 14:4399A1013
4903356_98 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.696 N88.273 W 4903356_98 page2022-08-14 15:1798A1011
4903356_97 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.709 N88.083 W 4903356_97 page2022-08-09 15:4797A1011
4903356_96 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.929 N88.348 W 4903356_96 page2022-08-04 16:2496A1010
4903356_95 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.899 N88.587 W 4903356_95 page2022-07-30 16:5695A1013
4903356_94 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.925 N89.090 W 4903356_94 page2022-07-25 17:3394A1010
4903356_93 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.048 N89.163 W 4903356_93 page2022-07-20 18:0493A1010
4903356_92 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.128 N89.229 W 4903356_92 page2022-07-15 18:3792A1013
4903356_91 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.189 N89.536 W 4903356_91 page2022-07-10 19:1091A1007
4903356_90 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.030 N89.507 W 4903356_90 page2022-07-05 19:3990A1012
4903356_89 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.744 N88.916 W 4903356_89 page2022-06-30 20:1089A1008
4903356_88 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.538 N88.652 W 4903356_88 page2022-06-25 20:4888A1008
4903356_87 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.657 N88.454 W 4903356_87 page2022-06-20 21:2387A1010
4903356_86 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.936 N88.600 W 4903356_86 page2022-06-15 21:4886A1008
4903356_85 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.455 N88.121 W 4903356_85 page2022-06-10 22:1585A1008
4903356_84 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.617 N88.105 W 4903356_84 page2022-06-05 22:5384A1011
4903356_83 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.540 N88.350 W 4903356_83 page2022-05-31 23:2983A1014
4903356_82 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.634 N88.726 W 4903356_82 page2022-05-27 00:0382A918
4903356_81 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.568 N89.203 W 4903356_81 page2022-05-22 00:4281A778
4903356_80 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.655 N89.087 W 4903356_80 page2022-05-17 02:0680A793
4903356_79 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.811 N88.716 W 4903356_79 page2022-05-12 03:2179A882
4903356_78 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.031 N88.787 W 4903356_78 page2022-05-07 04:1378A869
4903356_77 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.081 N88.849 W 4903356_77 page2022-05-02 05:1177A750
4903356_76 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.328 N88.649 W 4903356_76 page2022-04-27 06:3976A791
4903356_75 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.240 N88.540 W 4903356_75 page2022-04-22 07:5175A854
4903356_74 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.181 N88.687 W 4903356_74 page2022-04-17 08:4774A880
4903356_73 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.198 N88.466 W 4903356_73 page2022-04-12 09:3873A991
4903356_72 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.262 N88.417 W 4903356_72 page2022-04-07 10:0072A945
4903356_71 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.159 N88.424 W 4903356_71 page2022-04-02 10:3671A1003
4903356_70 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.144 N88.558 W 4903356_70 page2022-03-28 10:5370A964
4903356_69 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.871 N88.622 W 4903356_69 page2022-03-23 11:1769A1009
4903356_68 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.160 N88.179 W 4903356_68 page2022-03-18 11:4868A1012
4903356_67 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.133 N88.315 W 4903356_67 page2022-03-13 12:1667A1013
4903356_66 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS28.018 N88.335 W 4903356_66 page2022-03-08 12:4466D1010
4903356_65 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.964 N88.196 W 4903356_65 page2022-03-03 13:1365D1012
4903356_64 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.890 N88.275 W 4903356_64 page2022-02-26 13:3864D1012
4903356_63 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.856 N88.137 W 4903356_63 page2022-02-21 14:1463D1013
4903356_62 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.890 N88.031 W 4903356_62 page2022-02-16 14:4762D1014
4903356_61 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.896 N88.008 W 4903356_61 page2022-02-11 15:1761D1012
4903356_60 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.874 N87.984 W 4903356_60 page2022-02-06 15:4560D1012
4903356_59 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.806 N87.622 W 4903356_59 page2022-02-01 16:0459D1011
4903356_58 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.560 N87.749 W 4903356_58 page2022-01-27 16:3958D1008
4903356_57 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.420 N87.832 W 4903356_57 page2022-01-22 17:0957D1013
4903356_56 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.466 N87.980 W 4903356_56 page2022-01-17 17:3856D1013
4903356_55 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.691 N87.762 W 4903356_55 page2022-01-12 18:1155D1012
4903356_54 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.938 N87.475 W 4903356_54 page2022-01-07 18:4354D1010
4903356_53 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.909 N87.352 W 4903356_53 page2022-01-02 19:1053D1009
4903356_52 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.939 N87.731 W 4903356_52 page2021-12-28 19:3952D1013
4903356_51 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.893 N88.047 W 4903356_51 page2021-12-23 20:1351D1010
4903356_50 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.796 N87.885 W 4903356_50 page2021-12-18 20:3550D1014
4903356_49 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.513 N87.898 W 4903356_49 page2021-12-13 20:5649D1013
4903356_48 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.910 N87.778 W 4903356_48 page2021-12-08 21:2448D1008
4903356_47 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.181 N88.391 W 4903356_47 page2021-12-03 22:0047D1009
4903356_46 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.201 N88.766 W 4903356_46 page2021-11-28 22:3546D1011
4903356_45 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS25.634 N88.945 W 4903356_45 page2021-11-23 23:0245D1011
4903356_44 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.479 N89.073 W 4903356_44 page2021-11-18 23:3244D1013
4903356_43 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.649 N89.500 W 4903356_43 page2021-11-14 00:0643D1010
4903356_42 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.352 N89.181 W 4903356_42 page2021-11-09 00:3942D1010
4903356_41 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.159 N88.775 W 4903356_41 page2021-11-04 01:1741D1012
4903356_40 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.049 N88.307 W 4903356_40 page2021-10-30 01:5140D1010
4903356_39 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.077 N88.145 W 4903356_39 page2021-10-25 02:2239D1011
4903356_38 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.322 N88.099 W 4903356_38 page2021-10-20 02:5738D1010
4903356_37 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.316 N87.977 W 4903356_37 page2021-10-15 03:2537D1011
4903356_36 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.658 N87.607 W 4903356_36 page2021-10-10 03:5936D1009
4903356_35 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.152 N87.390 W 4903356_35 page2021-10-05 04:3235D1010
4903356_34 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.419 N87.079 W 4903356_34 page2021-09-30 04:5834D1007
4903356_33 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.307 N87.305 W 4903356_33 page2021-09-25 05:2933D1012
4903356_32 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.229 N87.490 W 4903356_32 page2021-09-20 05:5632D1011
4903356_31 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.422 N87.753 W 4903356_31 page2021-09-15 06:2031D1010
4903356_30 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.392 N87.789 W 4903356_30 page2021-09-12 10:5830D1010
4903356_29 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.485 N87.657 W 4903356_29 page2021-09-09 15:3129D1012
4903356_28 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.618 N87.476 W 4903356_28 page2021-09-06 19:5828D1013
4903356_27 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.580 N87.117 W 4903356_27 page2021-09-04 00:2427D1013
4903356_26 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.147 N86.900 W 4903356_26 page2021-09-01 05:0326D249
4903356_25 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.129 N87.548 W 4903356_25 page2021-08-30 00:3325D181
4903356_24 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.356 N88.554 W 4903356_24 page2021-08-27 13:2824D192
4903356_23 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.259 N89.116 W 4903356_23 page2021-08-25 02:0723D1013
4903356_22 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.120 N89.332 W 4903356_22 page2021-08-22 10:3922D190
4903356_21 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.919 N89.463 W 4903356_21 page2021-08-19 23:1621D1013
4903356_20 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.092 N89.463 W 4903356_20 page2021-08-15 00:1920D1009
4903356_19 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.067 N89.582 W 4903356_19 page2021-08-10 01:2919D1011
4903356_18 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.055 N89.517 W 4903356_18 page2021-08-05 02:4018D1010
4903356_17 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.813 N89.219 W 4903356_17 page2021-07-31 03:3817D1012
4903356_16 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.681 N88.668 W 4903356_16 page2021-07-26 04:2716D1013
4903356_15 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.174 N88.913 W 4903356_15 page2021-07-21 05:3015D1014
4903356_14 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.930 N88.838 W 4903356_14 page2021-07-16 06:3214D1008
4903356_13 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.338 N89.341 W 4903356_13 page2021-07-11 07:2813D1009
4903356_12 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.078 N89.616 W 4903356_12 page2021-07-06 08:2512D1011
4903356_11 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.032 N89.491 W 4903356_11 page2021-07-01 09:2711D1011
4903356_10 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.182 N89.529 W 4903356_10 page2021-06-26 10:3110D1007
4903356_9 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.111 N89.442 W 4903356_9 page2021-06-21 11:309D1008
4903356_8 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.124 N89.425 W 4903356_8 page2021-06-16 12:358D1011
4903356_7 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS27.021 N89.146 W 4903356_7 page2021-06-11 13:377D1012
4903356_6 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.982 N89.361 W 4903356_6 page2021-06-06 14:356D1008
4903356_5 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.841 N89.791 W 4903356_5 page2021-06-01 15:365D1013
4903356_4 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.970 N89.335 W 4903356_4 page2021-05-27 16:264D1009
4903356_3 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.718 N89.027 W 4903356_3 page2021-05-22 17:303D1012
4903356_2 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.212 N88.603 W 4903356_2 page2021-05-17 18:232D1009
4903356_1 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.211 N88.621 W 4903356_1 page2021-05-17 07:561D1009
4903356_0 dataaoml temp, pres, psalGPS26.237 N88.630 W 4903356_0 page2021-05-16 21:380D54