Disclaimer: profiles with Iridium (Positioning System GPS) plot only 200 points max.

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Link to GDAC dataDacParametersLink to profile pageDate reportedCycle numberPositioning systemLatLonCore Data ModeNum. of meas.
6901023_189 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901023_189 page2017-09-01 22:38189ARGOS59.000 N58.705 WD20
6901646_249 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_249 page2017-09-01 15:43249GPS61.856 N54.534 WR50
5903102_172 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_172 page2017-09-01 05:31172GPS57.693 N52.197 WD125
4901817_48 datameds temp, psal, pres4901817_48 page2017-08-31 11:4948GPS60.934 N51.422 WA100
6901147_158 databodc temp, psal, pres6901147_158 page2017-08-31 10:42158ARGOS54.704 N49.293 WD10
4902383_48 datameds psal, temp, pres4902383_48 page2017-08-31 07:5448GPS58.386 N51.698 WD100
4902412_2 datameds temp, psal, pres4902412_2 page2017-08-31 03:472GPS57.336 N53.201 WD99
6902661_73 datacoriolis temp, pres6902661_73 page2017-08-28 20:1773ARGOS58.801 N42.544 WR20
5904989_246 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_246 page2017-08-28 06:02246GPS62.993 N55.933 WD250
6901753_42 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901753_42 page2017-08-27 22:2342ARGOS62.238 N55.285 WD20
6901646_248 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_248 page2017-08-27 15:49248GPS62.000 N55.421 WR50
5903102_171 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_171 page2017-08-27 05:39171GPS57.461 N52.820 WD125
6901751_81 datacoriolis temp, pres6901751_81 page2017-08-26 22:4181ARGOS59.803 N54.356 WD20
6901754_42 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901754_42 page2017-08-26 22:2542ARGOS59.065 N45.490 WD20
6902660_71 datacoriolis temp, pres6902660_71 page2017-08-26 20:1371ARGOS56.771 N46.298 WR20
4901747_156 datameds temp, psal, pres4901747_156 page2017-08-25 16:52156GPS56.819 N51.555 WD100
5904175_128 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5904175_128 page2017-08-25 10:55128ARGOS56.797 N58.357 WD11
6901166_115 databodc temp, psal, pres6901166_115 page2017-08-24 17:15115ARGOS57.238 N45.877 WD9
6901149_157 databodc temp, psal, pres6901149_157 page2017-08-24 15:51157ARGOS54.688 N45.446 WD10
5903390_233 dataaoml pres, temp5903390_233 page2017-08-24 10:45233ARGOS54.697 N50.851 WA10
6901721_58 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901721_58 page2017-08-23 23:5458ARGOS62.708 N52.515 WD20
6900447_229 databodc temp, psal, pres6900447_229 page2017-08-23 13:03229ARGOS60.505 N55.860 WD10
5904989_245 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_245 page2017-08-23 11:42245GPS62.932 N55.600 WD250
6900446_229 databodc temp, psal, pres6900446_229 page2017-08-23 05:12229ARGOS56.794 N41.906 WD10
6901023_188 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901023_188 page2017-08-22 22:26188ARGOS59.685 N58.103 WD20
6901646_247 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_247 page2017-08-22 15:45247GPS62.206 N55.344 WR50
5903102_170 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_170 page2017-08-22 05:41170GPS57.428 N53.012 WD124
4901817_47 datameds temp, psal, pres4901817_47 page2017-08-21 11:4447IRIDIUM60.742 N51.041 WA100
6901147_157 databodc temp, psal, pres6901147_157 page2017-08-21 07:56157ARGOS54.490 N48.541 WD10
4902383_47 datameds psal, temp, pres4902383_47 page2017-08-21 07:5447GPS57.979 N51.862 WD100
4902412_1 datameds temp, psal, pres4902412_1 page2017-08-21 03:471GPS57.388 N53.356 WD99
5904989_244 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_244 page2017-08-18 17:25244GPS62.937 N55.497 WD250
6901753_41 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901753_41 page2017-08-17 22:1741ARGOS62.270 N56.793 WD20
6901646_246 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_246 page2017-08-17 15:45246GPS62.279 N55.319 WR50
5903102_169 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_169 page2017-08-17 05:21169GPS57.473 N53.200 WD124
6901754_41 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901754_41 page2017-08-16 22:3641ARGOS58.397 N45.457 WD20
6901751_80 datacoriolis temp, pres6901751_80 page2017-08-16 22:2980ARGOS58.870 N55.087 WD20
6902660_70 datacoriolis temp, pres6902660_70 page2017-08-16 20:1870ARGOS56.897 N45.668 WR20
4901747_155 datameds temp, psal, pres4901747_155 page2017-08-15 16:56155GPS56.198 N52.490 WD100
5904175_127 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5904175_127 page2017-08-15 08:30127ARGOS57.292 N58.587 WD10
6901149_156 databodc temp, psal, pres6901149_156 page2017-08-14 18:27156ARGOS54.265 N45.611 WD10
6901166_114 databodc temp, psal, pres6901166_114 page2017-08-14 14:56114ARGOS56.941 N45.591 WD10
5903390_232 dataaoml pres, temp5903390_232 page2017-08-14 06:45232ARGOS53.999 N49.802 WA10
6901721_57 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901721_57 page2017-08-13 23:5457ARGOS62.090 N52.997 WD20
5904989_243 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_243 page2017-08-13 23:13243GPS62.949 N55.434 WD250
6900447_228 databodc temp, psal, pres6900447_228 page2017-08-13 13:05228ARGOS60.158 N55.576 WD10
6900446_228 databodc temp, psal, pres6900446_228 page2017-08-13 05:16228ARGOS56.665 N41.648 WD11
6901023_187 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901023_187 page2017-08-12 22:26187ARGOS60.528 N57.684 WD20
6901646_245 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_245 page2017-08-12 15:53245GPS62.250 N55.419 WR50
5903102_168 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_168 page2017-08-12 05:25168GPS57.553 N53.140 WD125
4902412_0 datameds temp, psal, pres4902412_0 page2017-08-11 19:240GPS57.451 N53.568 WD99
4901817_46 datameds temp, psal, pres4901817_46 page2017-08-11 11:5246GPS59.934 N50.483 WA100
6901147_156 databodc temp, psal, pres6901147_156 page2017-08-11 10:31156ARGOS54.137 N47.535 WD10
4902383_46 datameds psal, temp, pres4902383_46 page2017-08-11 07:5146GPS57.563 N51.477 WD100
5904749_110 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_110 page2017-08-09 10:25110ARGOS63.130 N52.437 WA7
5904989_242 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_242 page2017-08-09 04:35242GPS62.904 N55.211 WD250
6901753_40 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901753_40 page2017-08-07 22:2340ARGOS62.271 N55.874 WD20
6901646_244 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_244 page2017-08-07 15:26244GPS62.118 N55.534 WR50
5903102_167 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_167 page2017-08-07 05:22167GPS57.695 N53.132 WD125
6901754_40 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901754_40 page2017-08-06 22:3640ARGOS58.278 N46.002 WD20
6901751_79 datacoriolis temp, pres6901751_79 page2017-08-06 22:3579ARGOS58.720 N55.377 WD20
6902660_69 datacoriolis temp, pres6902660_69 page2017-08-06 20:0669ARGOS57.278 N44.965 WR20
4901747_154 datameds temp, psal, pres4901747_154 page2017-08-05 16:57154GPS56.221 N52.795 WD99
5904749_109 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_109 page2017-08-05 11:00109ARGOS63.097 N52.474 WA7
5904175_126 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5904175_126 page2017-08-05 05:02126ARGOS57.741 N58.844 WD9
4901417_155 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal4901417_155 page2017-08-05 00:22155ARGOS57.686 N46.742 WD14
6901166_113 databodc temp, psal, pres6901166_113 page2017-08-04 16:41113ARGOS57.207 N44.928 WD10
5904989_241 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_241 page2017-08-04 09:51241GPS62.733 N55.211 WD250
6901721_56 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901721_56 page2017-08-04 00:0656ARGOS61.176 N50.635 WD20
6900447_227 databodc temp, psal, pres6900447_227 page2017-08-03 13:10227ARGOS60.555 N56.623 WD10
6900446_227 databodc temp, psal, pres6900446_227 page2017-08-03 05:15227ARGOS56.560 N40.940 WD10
6901023_186 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901023_186 page2017-08-02 22:32186ARGOS60.771 N55.955 WD20
6901646_243 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_243 page2017-08-02 15:39243GPS62.046 N56.333 WR49
5903102_166 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_166 page2017-08-02 05:38166GPS57.808 N53.140 WD125
4901817_45 datameds temp, psal, pres4901817_45 page2017-08-01 11:4445GPS60.694 N51.285 WA100
6901147_155 databodc temp, psal, pres6901147_155 page2017-08-01 08:15155ARGOS54.669 N46.622 WD10
4902383_45 datameds psal, temp, pres4902383_45 page2017-08-01 07:1645GPS57.929 N51.898 WD100
5904989_240 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_240 page2017-07-30 15:04240GPS62.558 N55.426 WD250
6901726_38 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901726_38 page2017-07-30 00:1138ARGOS62.955 N52.987 WD20
6901753_39 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901753_39 page2017-07-28 22:2239ARGOS62.352 N55.733 WD20
6901646_242 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_242 page2017-07-28 15:37242GPS62.361 N56.546 WR48
5903102_165 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_165 page2017-07-28 05:24165GPS57.844 N53.454 WD125
6901754_39 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901754_39 page2017-07-27 22:4139ARGOS57.928 N46.274 WD20
6901751_78 datacoriolis temp, pres6901751_78 page2017-07-27 22:3578ARGOS58.470 N54.036 WD20
6902660_68 datacoriolis temp, pres6902660_68 page2017-07-27 20:1268ARGOS57.257 N46.534 WR20
4901747_153 datameds temp, psal, pres4901747_153 page2017-07-26 16:52153GPS56.556 N52.474 WD100
5904175_125 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5904175_125 page2017-07-26 00:43125ARGOS58.016 N59.003 WD10
5904989_239 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_239 page2017-07-25 20:28239GPS62.382 N55.123 WD250
4901417_154 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal4901417_154 page2017-07-25 20:24154ARGOS57.398 N47.094 WD14
6901166_112 databodc temp, psal, pres6901166_112 page2017-07-25 15:23112ARGOS57.235 N45.946 WD10
6901721_55 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901721_55 page2017-07-24 23:4855ARGOS59.942 N46.820 WD20
6900447_226 databodc temp, psal, pres6900447_226 page2017-07-24 13:05226ARGOS60.329 N55.494 WD11
6901023_185 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901023_185 page2017-07-23 22:38185ARGOS60.378 N55.565 WD20
6901646_241 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_241 page2017-07-23 15:35241GPS62.493 N56.641 WR50
5903102_164 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_164 page2017-07-23 05:37164GPS57.835 N53.824 WD124
4901817_44 datameds temp, psal, pres4901817_44 page2017-07-22 11:4644GPS60.205 N50.652 WA100
6901147_154 databodc temp, psal, pres6901147_154 page2017-07-22 10:39154ARGOS54.734 N47.139 WD10
4902383_44 datameds psal, temp, pres4902383_44 page2017-07-22 07:5444GPS57.446 N51.930 WD100
5904989_238 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_238 page2017-07-21 02:09238GPS62.305 N55.099 WD250
6901486_352 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_352 page2017-07-20 14:53352GPS58.689 N49.392 WR49
6901726_37 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901726_37 page2017-07-20 00:1037ARGOS62.651 N52.967 WD20
6901753_38 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901753_38 page2017-07-18 22:1638ARGOS62.488 N56.422 WD20
6901646_240 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_240 page2017-07-18 15:37240GPS62.595 N56.909 WR49
5903102_163 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_163 page2017-07-18 05:24163GPS57.712 N54.087 WD125
6901754_38 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901754_38 page2017-07-17 22:3538ARGOS58.202 N45.428 WD20
6901751_77 datacoriolis temp, pres6901751_77 page2017-07-17 22:2877ARGOS58.792 N53.656 WD20
6902660_67 datacoriolis temp, pres6902660_67 page2017-07-17 20:1067ARGOS57.320 N48.155 WR20
4901747_152 datameds temp, psal, pres4901747_152 page2017-07-16 16:52152GPS55.994 N50.582 WD100
5904989_237 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_237 page2017-07-16 07:39237GPS62.286 N55.048 WD250
5904175_124 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5904175_124 page2017-07-15 20:49124ARGOS58.573 N59.177 WD10
4901417_153 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal4901417_153 page2017-07-15 20:44153ARGOS58.261 N47.672 WD13
6901166_111 databodc temp, psal, pres6901166_111 page2017-07-15 16:35111ARGOS56.889 N46.709 WD10
6901486_351 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_351 page2017-07-15 14:49351GPS58.161 N49.960 WR49
6901721_54 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901721_54 page2017-07-14 23:4154ARGOS59.227 N44.456 WD20
6900447_225 databodc temp, psal, pres6900447_225 page2017-07-14 13:00225ARGOS61.156 N55.562 WD10
6901023_184 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901023_184 page2017-07-13 22:31184ARGOS61.236 N55.832 WD20
6901646_239 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_239 page2017-07-13 15:40239GPS62.769 N56.756 WR50
5903102_162 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_162 page2017-07-13 05:29162GPS57.464 N54.357 WD125
4901817_43 datameds temp, psal, pres4901817_43 page2017-07-12 11:4443GPS60.646 N52.211 WA100
5904749_103 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_103 page2017-07-12 10:48103ARGOS62.633 N51.722 WA7
6901147_153 databodc temp, psal, pres6901147_153 page2017-07-12 07:59153ARGOS54.527 N46.351 WD10
4902383_43 datameds psal, temp, pres4902383_43 page2017-07-12 07:5443GPS57.589 N53.314 WD100
5904989_236 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_236 page2017-07-11 13:14236GPS62.254 N54.788 WD250
6901486_350 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_350 page2017-07-10 14:50350GPS57.833 N50.506 WR49
6901726_36 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901726_36 page2017-07-09 23:5836ARGOS62.323 N53.205 WD20
6901753_37 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901753_37 page2017-07-08 22:1637ARGOS62.880 N55.194 WD20
6901646_238 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_238 page2017-07-08 15:38238GPS62.783 N56.406 WR50
5904749_102 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_102 page2017-07-08 09:35102ARGOS62.408 N51.365 WA4
5903102_161 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_161 page2017-07-08 05:39161GPS56.735 N54.631 WD124
6901754_37 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901754_37 page2017-07-07 22:2837ARGOS58.196 N44.426 WD20
6901751_76 datacoriolis temp, pres6901751_76 page2017-07-07 22:2876ARGOS59.038 N54.309 WD20
6902660_66 datacoriolis temp, pres6902660_66 page2017-07-07 20:1066ARGOS56.861 N48.421 WR20
5904989_235 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_235 page2017-07-06 18:56235GPS62.263 N54.921 WD250
4901747_151 datameds temp, psal, pres4901747_151 page2017-07-06 16:58151GPS55.525 N49.522 WD100
4901417_152 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal4901417_152 page2017-07-06 00:17152ARGOS58.165 N47.703 WD14
5904175_123 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5904175_123 page2017-07-05 17:03123ARGOS59.042 N59.307 WD10
6901166_110 databodc temp, psal, pres6901166_110 page2017-07-05 15:00110ARGOS56.937 N46.067 WD10
6901486_349 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_349 page2017-07-05 14:47349GPS57.311 N50.931 WR49
6901721_53 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901721_53 page2017-07-04 23:5353ARGOS59.083 N42.680 WD20
6900447_224 databodc temp, psal, pres6900447_224 page2017-07-04 13:03224ARGOS61.184 N53.812 WD10
5904749_101 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_101 page2017-07-04 10:44101ARGOS62.356 N51.072 WA7
6901023_183 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901023_183 page2017-07-03 22:31183ARGOS61.454 N54.278 WD20
6901646_237 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_237 page2017-07-03 15:37237GPS62.812 N56.062 WR48
5903102_160 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_160 page2017-07-03 05:35160GPS56.278 N54.092 WD124
4901817_42 datameds temp, psal, pres4901817_42 page2017-07-02 11:4142GPS61.253 N51.836 WA100
4901783_78 datameds temp, psal, pres4901783_78 page2017-07-02 10:4878GPS53.707 N50.900 WD100
6901147_152 databodc temp, psal, pres6901147_152 page2017-07-02 10:33152ARGOS54.385 N45.709 WD10
4902383_42 datameds psal, temp, pres4902383_42 page2017-07-02 07:5142GPS57.907 N53.080 WD100
5904989_234 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_234 page2017-07-02 00:58234GPS62.118 N55.894 WD250
6901646_236 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_236 page2017-06-30 15:38236GPS62.838 N55.589 WR50
6901486_348 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_348 page2017-06-30 14:44348GPS57.200 N49.850 WR49
5904749_100 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_100 page2017-06-30 10:28100ARGOS62.228 N51.050 WA7
6901726_35 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901726_35 page2017-06-30 00:0335ARGOS62.162 N52.342 WD20
6901753_36 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901753_36 page2017-06-28 22:2236ARGOS62.261 N55.276 WD20
5903102_159 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_159 page2017-06-28 05:19159GPS56.064 N53.568 WD125
6901751_75 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901751_75 page2017-06-27 22:3475ARGOS58.513 N55.245 WD20
6901754_36 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901754_36 page2017-06-27 22:2836ARGOS59.208 N42.354 WD20
6902660_65 datacoriolis temp, pres6902660_65 page2017-06-27 20:1065ARGOS57.588 N48.114 WR20
6901646_235 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_235 page2017-06-27 15:37235GPS62.769 N55.067 WR50
6901486_347 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_347 page2017-06-27 14:44347GPS57.647 N49.576 WR48
5904989_233 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_233 page2017-06-27 05:59233GPS62.086 N56.117 WD250
4901747_150 datameds temp, psal, pres4901747_150 page2017-06-26 16:53150GPS55.562 N48.061 WD100
5904749_99 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_99 page2017-06-26 10:3499ARGOS62.038 N50.842 WA7
4901417_151 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal4901417_151 page2017-06-26 00:12151ARGOS58.213 N47.383 WD14
6901166_109 databodc temp, psal, pres6901166_109 page2017-06-25 16:37109ARGOS57.192 N45.879 WD10
5904175_122 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5904175_122 page2017-06-25 12:13122ARGOS59.440 N59.311 WD10
6901646_234 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_234 page2017-06-24 15:37234GPS62.717 N54.366 WR49
6901486_346 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_346 page2017-06-24 14:39346GPS57.633 N50.479 WR49
6900447_223 databodc temp, psal, pres6900447_223 page2017-06-24 13:05223ARGOS61.763 N53.150 WD10
6901023_182 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901023_182 page2017-06-23 22:31182ARGOS60.930 N53.378 WD20
5903102_158 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_158 page2017-06-23 05:31158GPS56.363 N52.930 WD125
4901817_41 datameds temp, psal, pres4901817_41 page2017-06-22 11:4641GPS61.002 N52.963 WA100
5904989_232 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_232 page2017-06-22 11:14232GPS62.021 N56.010 WD250
4901783_77 datameds temp, psal, pres4901783_77 page2017-06-22 10:4677GPS53.917 N50.861 WD100
5904749_98 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_98 page2017-06-22 10:4298ARGOS61.929 N50.829 WA7
6901147_151 databodc temp, psal, pres6901147_151 page2017-06-22 07:57151ARGOS54.419 N46.161 WD9
4902383_41 datameds psal, temp, pres4902383_41 page2017-06-22 07:5041GPS58.972 N52.388 WD100
6901486_345 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_345 page2017-06-21 15:45345GPS57.394 N51.244 WR48
6901646_233 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_233 page2017-06-21 15:43233GPS62.716 N53.679 WR50
6901726_34 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901726_34 page2017-06-19 23:5734ARGOS61.152 N50.944 WD20
6901753_35 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901753_35 page2017-06-18 22:3435ARGOS62.898 N55.865 WD20
6901486_344 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_344 page2017-06-18 15:43344GPS57.235 N52.025 WR49
6901646_232 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_232 page2017-06-18 15:43232GPS62.483 N53.531 WR50
5904749_97 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_97 page2017-06-18 10:5197ARGOS61.843 N51.046 WA7
5903102_157 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_157 page2017-06-18 05:21157GPS56.600 N52.745 WD125
6901751_74 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901751_74 page2017-06-17 22:3474ARGOS57.431 N54.215 WD20
6902660_64 datacoriolis temp, pres6902660_64 page2017-06-17 20:1064ARGOS57.642 N47.181 WR20
5904989_231 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_231 page2017-06-17 17:07231GPS61.830 N55.250 WD250
4901747_149 datameds temp, psal, pres4901747_149 page2017-06-16 16:52149GPS55.735 N47.795 WD99
4901417_150 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal4901417_150 page2017-06-15 20:41150ARGOS58.018 N48.891 WD14
6901486_343 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_343 page2017-06-15 15:48343GPS57.306 N52.493 WR49
6901646_231 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_231 page2017-06-15 15:37231GPS62.395 N53.945 WR50
6901166_108 databodc temp, psal, pres6901166_108 page2017-06-15 15:34108ARGOS57.176 N46.851 WD10
5904175_121 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5904175_121 page2017-06-15 08:55121ARGOS59.750 N58.938 WD10
6900447_222 databodc temp, psal, pres6900447_222 page2017-06-14 13:01222ARGOS60.775 N50.003 WD10
5904749_96 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_96 page2017-06-14 10:4196ARGOS61.862 N51.274 WA7
6901023_181 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901023_181 page2017-06-13 22:31181ARGOS60.723 N54.394 WD20
5903102_156 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_156 page2017-06-13 05:26156GPS57.014 N53.192 WD125
5904989_230 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_230 page2017-06-12 23:04230GPS61.802 N55.197 WD250
6901486_342 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_342 page2017-06-12 15:40342GPS57.578 N52.726 WR48
6901646_230 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_230 page2017-06-12 15:39230GPS62.456 N54.033 WR50
4901817_40 datameds temp, psal, pres4901817_40 page2017-06-12 11:5140GPS59.952 N53.841 WA100
4901783_76 datameds temp, psal, pres4901783_76 page2017-06-12 10:5476GPS55.051 N51.863 WD100
6901147_150 databodc temp, psal, pres6901147_150 page2017-06-12 10:30150ARGOS54.520 N44.946 WD9
4902383_40 datameds psal, temp, pres4902383_40 page2017-06-12 07:5440IRIDIUM60.048 N51.359 WD100
6901171_108 databodc temp, psal, pres6901171_108 page2017-06-11 20:15108ARGOS57.853 N41.776 WD10
5904749_95 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_95 page2017-06-10 10:4395ARGOS60.981 N49.947 WA7
6901726_33 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901726_33 page2017-06-09 23:5633ARGOS61.185 N51.768 WD20
6901486_341 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_341 page2017-06-09 15:44341GPS57.905 N53.046 WR49
6901646_229 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_229 page2017-06-09 14:49229GPS62.617 N53.976 WR50
6901753_34 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901753_34 page2017-06-08 22:1534ARGOS62.544 N55.325 WD20
5903102_155 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_155 page2017-06-08 05:28155GPS56.869 N52.774 WD125
5904989_229 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_229 page2017-06-08 04:27229GPS61.820 N55.418 WD250
6901751_73 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901751_73 page2017-06-07 22:3473ARGOS56.714 N53.692 WD20
6902660_63 datacoriolis temp, pres6902660_63 page2017-06-07 20:0463ARGOS57.040 N47.796 WR20
4901747_148 datameds temp, psal, pres4901747_148 page2017-06-06 16:50148GPS55.518 N47.072 WD99
6901486_340 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_340 page2017-06-06 15:42340GPS58.108 N53.375 WR49
6901646_228 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_228 page2017-06-06 14:22228GPS62.773 N53.294 WR50
5904749_94 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_94 page2017-06-06 10:4394ARGOS60.047 N47.892 WA7
4901417_149 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal4901417_149 page2017-06-06 00:12149ARGOS58.218 N48.906 WD13
6901166_107 databodc temp, psal, pres6901166_107 page2017-06-05 14:58107ARGOS57.496 N46.999 WD10
5904771_39 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5904771_39 page2017-06-05 12:4039GPS55.118 N43.072 WD241
5904175_120 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5904175_120 page2017-06-05 04:52120ARGOS59.937 N57.743 WD10
6900447_221 databodc temp, psal, pres6900447_221 page2017-06-04 12:57221ARGOS59.392 N46.066 WD10
6901023_180 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres6901023_180 page2017-06-03 22:25180ARGOS61.469 N55.446 WD20
6901486_339 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901486_339 page2017-06-03 15:43339GPS57.908 N53.825 WR48
6901646_227 datacoriolis temp, pres, psal6901646_227 page2017-06-03 14:35227GPS62.582 N52.677 WR50
5904989_228 datacoriolis psal, temp, pres5904989_228 page2017-06-03 10:01228GPS61.956 N55.703 WD250
5903102_154 dataaoml pres, psal, temp5903102_154 page2017-06-03 05:34154GPS57.077 N52.978 WD124
4901817_39 datameds temp, psal, pres4901817_39 page2017-06-02 11:5039GPS59.979 N55.086 WA100
5904749_93 dataaoml pres, temp5904749_93 page2017-06-02 10:5493ARGOS59.426 N46.923 WA7
4901783_75 datameds temp, psal, pres4901783_75 page2017-06-02 10:4675GPS55.774 N53.359 WD100
6901147_149 databodc temp, psal, pres6901147_149 page2017-06-02 10:32149ARGOS54.946 N44.614 WD10
4902383_39 datameds psal, temp, pres4902383_39 page2017-06-02 07:5339GPS60.376 N51.488 WD100
6901171_107 databodc temp, psal, pres6901171_107 page2017-06-01 19:59107ARGOS57.645 N42.744 WD9