Disclaimer: profiles with Iridium (Positioning System GPS) plot only 200 points max.

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Link to GDAC dataDacParametersLink to profile pageDate reportedCycle numberPositioning systemLatLonCore Data ModeNum. of meas.
6902664_81 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6902664_81 page2017-10-29 19:4481ARGOS32.535 N16.905 WR15
6901413_183 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6901413_183 page2017-10-27 21:47183ARGOS36.531 N15.111 WD5
6901239_83 datacoriolis pres, psal, temp6901239_83 page2017-10-27 18:2583ARGOS32.688 N15.292 WA4
6901418_200 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6901418_200 page2017-10-23 13:55200ARGOS32.956 N13.037 WA4
6901914_168 databodc psal, temp, pres6901914_168 page2017-10-23 05:54168ARGOS33.780 N10.552 WR12
3901942_4 databodc psal, temp, pres3901942_4 page2017-10-22 20:354GPS35.562 N13.799 WD26
6901450_112 datacoriolis pres, psal, temp6901450_112 page2017-10-21 20:06112ARGOS32.591 N13.453 WR15
6902664_80 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6902664_80 page2017-10-19 20:0880ARGOS32.495 N16.905 WR16
6901413_182 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6901413_182 page2017-10-17 21:35182ARGOS36.756 N14.915 WD3
6901239_82 datacoriolis pres, psal, temp6901239_82 page2017-10-17 16:2282ARGOS33.118 N15.272 WA4
6901914_167 databodc psal, temp, pres6901914_167 page2017-10-13 06:01167ARGOS33.381 N10.216 WR12
3901942_3 databodc psal, temp, pres3901942_3 page2017-10-12 20:303GPS35.932 N13.429 WD22
6901450_111 datacoriolis pres, psal, temp6901450_111 page2017-10-11 20:06111ARGOS32.779 N12.986 WR16
6902664_79 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6902664_79 page2017-10-09 20:0779ARGOS32.397 N16.758 WR13
6901413_181 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6901413_181 page2017-10-07 21:41181ARGOS36.937 N14.738 WD4
6901239_81 datacoriolis pres, psal, temp6901239_81 page2017-10-07 18:3081ARGOS33.326 N15.878 WA4
6901418_198 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6901418_198 page2017-10-03 13:11198ARGOS33.215 N12.608 WA4
6901914_166 databodc psal, temp, pres6901914_166 page2017-10-03 05:48166ARGOS32.837 N10.165 WR12
6901450_110 datacoriolis pres, psal, temp6901450_110 page2017-10-01 20:06110ARGOS32.695 N12.665 WR13
6902664_78 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6902664_78 page2017-09-29 20:0178ARGOS32.281 N16.673 WR16
6901413_180 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6901413_180 page2017-09-27 21:35180ARGOS36.916 N14.799 WD7
6901239_80 datacoriolis pres, psal, temp6901239_80 page2017-09-27 16:3280ARGOS33.720 N17.031 WA4
6901418_197 datacoriolis pres, psal, temp6901418_197 page2017-09-23 14:32197ARGOS33.081 N12.988 WA4
6901914_165 databodc psal, temp, pres6901914_165 page2017-09-23 05:48165ARGOS32.423 N10.405 WR11
3901942_1 databodc psal, temp, pres3901942_1 page2017-09-22 20:511GPS36.250 N13.172 WD28
6901450_109 datacoriolis pres, psal, temp6901450_109 page2017-09-21 19:59109ARGOS32.827 N12.339 WR15
6902664_77 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6902664_77 page2017-09-19 19:5577ARGOS32.202 N16.730 WR16
6901413_179 datacoriolis temp, psal, pres6901413_179 page2017-09-17 21:41179ARGOS36.633 N14.732 WD7
6901239_79 datacoriolis pres, psal, temp6901239_79 page2017-09-17 18:1179ARGOS33.324 N16.664 WA3